Thursday 6th December 2018
6.45 pm – 8.00 pm
£35 per person

Our Hormonal Yoga Workshop is back due to popular demand.

This dynamic workshop is a great way to restore your body and mind in time for the busy holiday season ahead.

Our hormones govern a multitude of functions and impact every aspect of our well-being. The body uses hormones as chemical messengers to control our metabolism, psychological state and reproductive cycle. Any imbalance in these hormones can be the root cause of many health issues such as premenstrual tension, stress, back problems, fatigue and insomnia.

Throughout the winter our hormonal structure adapts to the changing environment around us. Therefore, we should consider modifying our well-being regime to reflect what our body requires. Traditional Chinese and Asian medicine was developed to work in harmony with the changing seasons to keep the body and mind balanced throughout the year. As the festive season begins our stress hormone Cortisol will increase to help us organise and prepare for this busy time of year. We require a certain amount of Cortisol to perform daily tasks and remain motivated and focused but too much cortisol can create imbalances in our digestive and nervous systems.
Recent studies have shown that regular yoga practise is a great tool to balance our hormonal cycle. It is proven that on-going yoga practise creates positive changes within the brain which controls are hormonal functions. By enhancing our brain waves we achieve clarity, focus and balance in the chemicals produced in the body. The emphasis of the workshop is to give students the required techniques to integrate into their well-being regime in order to achieve optimum benefits.

Yoga poses combined with breathing techniques pressurize specific glands and these subtle compressions regulate our hormonal system. Yoga practise is unique in the way it manages stress hormones, compared to other forms of exercise. The dual benefits of conscious breathing and movement reduce Cortisol production, the hormone responsible for stress and fatigue. Clinical studies have show that Yoga is the most effective form of exercise to reduce Cortisol and balance stress levels.

The Hormonal Yoga Workshop will take place in the calming surroundings of our Sentosa Studio and the workshop is scheduled as follows:

6.45 pm – 7 pm Introduction to Hormonal Yoga

7 pm – 7.30 pm Vinyasa Movement sequence for the Hormonal cycle

7.30 pm – 7.45 pm Mindfulness to create Hormonal balance

7.45 pm – 8 pm Relaxation and Meditation

We invite guests to stay for further discussion and to enjoy some light refreshments at the end of the workshop.

As spaces are limited in the Sentosa Studio we advise guests to book in advance. To make a reservation for the Hormonal Yoga Workshop or for further details regarding our Yoga classes please call Ushvani Reservations on 0207 730 2888 or email [email protected]