We are delighted to announce that our next Sleep Well-Being Workshop will take place on Thursday 15th November at 6.45 pm in the calming surroundings of our Sentosa Studio.

A healthy sleep cycle is proven to alleviate a multitude of health issues, reduce stress and improve our cognitive processes and productivity. Recent studies have shown that having the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night at the same time can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and even prevent the early onset of cancer. Research has proven that excessive light exposure reduces melatonin levels, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, which is also reported to protect against cancer by reducing the growth of tumours. Health experts recommend sleeping in a cool dark room and avoiding electronic devices at least one hour prior to a scheduled sleep time in order to benefit from a full sleep cycle. There is also significant evidence to support the link between poor sleep and conditions such as obesity and excessive weight gain. The hormones ghrelin and leptin regulate our appetite and metabolism, and are easily disrupted by lack of sleep. A regular and consistent sleep routine is crucial for people looking to lose weight and make healthier nutritional choices.

We feel the most prevalent issue and the root cause of most illness is stress and fatigue, which is a common concern we hear a lot from our guests. Each Sleep Workshop is designed to target the cause of stress in our daily lives and provide students with techniques they can implement into their busy schedules in order to remain focused and productive.

This dynamic workshop is founded on the teachings of Shri Vivek Yoga, an integrated form of traditional Yoga that allows students to experience movement and mindfulness in one seamless practise. The workshop will begin with an introduction to Shri Vivek and how this traditional Yoga technique can be beneficial to enhance the quality of sleep. Following the introduction your practitioner will guide you through a sequence of relaxation based techniques with combined movement. The workshop will close with further discussion and light refreshments will be served.

As a courtesy to our guests we regret to inform you that late attendees will not be admitted to the workshop. Please be aware we require 24-hours notice for any cancellations, any cancellations within this period are non-refundable. We request our guests to either turn off their mobile devices or switch to silent as a courtesy to other guests.

Please contact Ushvani Reservations on 0207 730 2888 or email [email protected] to book.

Please book in advance as spaces are limited in the Sentosa Studio.

£35 per person, per class.