Ushvani’s philosophy is based on ancient Asian culture that focuses on both spiritual harmony and natural treatments. The holistic approach is taken to treat the mind, body and spirit, going beyond mere superficial pampering.

The use of purest botanicals to cure ailments is common in Asian therapies and accordingly, Ushvani’s treatments incorporate natural herbs, spices and flowers in concurrence with this natural philosophy for total well-being.

At Ushvani there is a minimum booking time of 90 minutes for all body treatments. Please note the timings below represent the entire duration of your hands-on treatment time. Therefore please allow extra time for pre-treatment consultation as well as aftercare advice.


In light of recent events, we have enhanced our Malay and Balinese massage therapies with new elements to further benefit your well-being, assist with sleeping difficulties and enhance immune responses. Our skilled therapists will guide you through our new grounding experience at the start of your treatment; a gentle guided meditation with breathing exercises to allow a deeper relaxation. We have incorporated Reflexology points into every massage to aid immunity and induce a deeper state of calm. These Reflex points are stimulated to promote your well-being, resilience and strengthen immune responses. As your massage draws to a close, a simple yet effective guided meditation will gently awaken the body, applying similar techniques to those used in Yoga practices.