Oncology Massage
60 mins – £150
In recent years the rate of cancer diagnosis has significantly increased. In the UK alone approximately one thousand people are diagnosed with cancer every day. Advances in medical science are contributing to early diagnosis, together with the continual improvements to treatment options means that a high number of the population are living with cancer. At Ushvani we understand how beneficial massage therapy can be for patients, improving their sense of well-being during such a challenging time.

Usha Arumugam, founder of Ushvani has experienced first-hand how cancer can affect a loved one and how massage can provide appreciable benefits to people living with the disease. Through her own research, Usha discovered a significant lack of knowledge and training to enable spas to provide massage treatments for cancer patients. Considering her own personal experience and passion for authentic spa treatments, Usha felt inspired to create an inclusive treatment option enabling cancer patients to benefit from therapeutic soft tissue massage.
On launching Oncology Massage, Usha comments, “I am extremely proud to launch Oncology Massage at Ushvani, and I feel strongly that there is an ever-increasing acceptance and growing demand for qualified oncology massage therapists”

Our team of expert therapists underwent extensive training in the practical and theoretical aspects of Oncology Massage. An in-depth consultation is completed prior to every treatment to ensure that each aspect of the treatment is tailored to the guest’s requirements. Our therapists are also trained to make adjustments for medical devices throughout the treatment. Oncology Massage is a very specific form of massage that allows those living with cancer to benefit from therapeutic soft tissue therapy.
Oncology Massage is completely unique to each guest and each treatment is modified to suit each guest’s current healthcare requirements. Our guest’s safety and comfort is of paramount importance during each session.

Our Guest Safety Policy requires that guests obtain a Doctor’s letter prior to their treatment date. The Doctor’s letter needs to contain the following information – current health status, stage of cancer, current treatment and current platelet levels. The consultant or Doctor will also need to confirm that Oncology Massage is safe to perform.

A Medical Consultation will be sent via email to capture all relevant health information. We kindly ask that guests complete the form in advance and send to [email protected]. On arrival at the Spa the Consultation Form will be reviewed and signed. For guest safety, as advised by Medical Professionals, Oncology Massage is performed for 60 minutes only. Our Guest Safety Policy also prohibits the use of our Spa Facilities.

Our usual 24-hour cancellation policy is waived for Oncology massage treatments. To make a reservation for Oncology Massage or for further information please call Ushvani Reservations on 0207 730 2888 or email [email protected]